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Phuket Work Permit Application

Having been in the business for almost twenty years we are extremely knowledgeable with obtaining work permit applications. Typically, in the event that you will apply a business visa from the Thai consulate in your country of origin with the end goal of working in Thailand, the consulate official may require the underlying work license application called WP3 as a necessity for the visa application.


This will be dealt with the Thailand company you plan to work for as the vast majority of the documentation required are organization related papers. When you get to Thailand with the Non B visa, the company needs to produce other required reports like the medical report, photographs among other company related documents to support your employment approval.


These will be brought and be submitted to the Ministry of Labor and it takes 2 weeks to grant the work application, With your work permit you can easily apply for your visa service in Phuket. Get in touch with us, consultation is free, with our deep knowledge and understanding, we know know to get your work license application quick and done effectively.

We will arrange for all the paperwork for your application so applying for a work permit with us will be a smooth process !

Supporting Documents

All the documents your organisation needs to produce for your work permit application, if you dont have any of the documents below, we can easily help you with the process.


Company Document

A duplicate of organization oath, a duplicate of investors list (dated not more than 30 days) for foreign organization, a photocopy of foreign company permit to operate as per the Foreign Business Act, B.E. 2542 and proof of worldwide cash move into Thailand.


Phor 01, Phor 09, Phor 20

A duplicate of VAT document (Phor 01 and Phor 20) showing the nature of business, a copy of Phor 09 if there is any change.


Work Permit or POA

If the business owner is not a Thai resident, a duplicate of the owners Work Permit is required, and if the business owner doesn’t work in Thailand and doesn’t hold a Work Permit, the business owner should get a POA certified by Notary Public and the Thai Embassy to another director or someone else to follow up on his/her benefit.


Company Licence

In the event that the business owner requires a lawful grant or a legitimate permit for each different law eg. tour company registration permit. industrial facility activity grant, hotel registration permit, food and medication permit, travel service permit to operate, eatery permit and so on.


List of Thai & expatriate employees

Document of foreign staff along with their Work Permit number, association graph, organization address map and Photos of employees working.


PND.50, PND.51 & Phor 30

A duplicate of the most recent government managed retirement commitment proof, a duplicate of organization monetary report and PND.50 or PND.51 (latest year) and Phor. 30.


Photographs of the office

Photos of the business office: 1 of the business sign, 1 in front of the structure, 2 of within the organization


Dont have these documents ?

Dont worry our team can help you with all the necessary documents needed to get you a work permit. Contact us now and so we can advice you on the easiest solution available.

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